About Our Company

Event Solution

Based in Klang Valley, Eventious Global was formed in March 2018 founded by experienced individuals in event organizing. Delegating and Collaborating with multitude of specialist to bring the best event including Conferences, Exhibition and festivals for their Clients and Community.


They offer wholistic event solutions including Event Management, Planning, Organizing, Logistic, Infrastructure, Decoration and Marketing.


To be the biggest event management company in Malaysia operating in children-related sectors by delivering fun, innovative events and festivals.



  • To organize extraordinary events
  • To inspire the parents and children with our values
  • To create culture of collaboration and innovation

Our Brand

Lola & Baba | A Children’s World

This logo brings the concept of playful and relationship. The color scheme are orange, light yellow and dark blue to bring about the essence of classiness and childishness. Orange generally means happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression, and fascination. Yellow means freshness, happiness, creativity, clarity, optimism, enlightenment, intellect, & honor. Dark blue usually relates to trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence.


The font used is fat rounded edges san-serif type to emphasize the brand relation to children. The brandmark is made of 2 different colored sheep with different size and face. One of which lying on the floor while one standing with two feet on top of the sheep. This signify playfulness and close relationship between children eventhough they are diverse in a lot of ways. The butterfly represent children’s fascination towards beauty and simple things in life.